Luma Soda Net Worth 2022 (2024)

1. Here's What Happened To Luma Soda After Shark Tank - Mashed

  • Jul 31, 2023 · Luma Soda founder Jim Otteson went on the show asking the Sharks for a $500,000 investment for 20% equity in his company. At the time of his ...

  • Luma Soda, which is sugar-free and without chemical additives and preservatives, appeared on Shark Tank to challenge big soda brands. What happened since?

2. Luma Soda Shark Tank Net Worth 2024 - SEOAves

  • Mar 1, 2024 · The net worth of Luma Soda is $0 since the company is out of business. The valuation of Luma Soda was $2.5 million when it appeared pn Shark ...

  • Luma Soda is a healthier alternative to traditional sodas, first introduced to a broad audience on Season 10 of Shark Tank. Unlike conventional sodas, often criticized for their high sugar content and

3. Luma Soda Net Worth 2024

  • In 2024, the company's estimated net worth of $2 million stands as a testament to its success and promising potential for future growth. With ongoing innovation ...

  • Discover the estimated net worth of Luma Soda in 2024 and delve into its success story in the consumer goods landscape.

4. Luma Soda: Here's What Happened After Shark Tank - Food Republic

5. Here's What Happened To Luma Soda After Shark Tank - Mashed

  • As of 2022, Luma Soda is out of business, its Facebook account has been inactive since September 2018, and the website is now defunct. Read Full Story.

  • Find out what became of Luma Soda following its appearance on Shark Tank.

6. Luma Soda Update | Shark Tank Season 10

  • Sep 2, 2022 · Shark Tank Luma Soda Update ; Entrepreneurs: Jim Otteson ; Business: Naturally sweet soda ; Ask: $500,000 for 20% equity ; Result: No deal ; Sharks: ...

  • Luma Soda didn't get a deal in Shark Tank Season 10. Learn more about the unfortunate news in our Luma Soda update and recap.

7. They Were Rejected On Shark Tank And Today Are Making Millions

  • Apr 20, 2019 · According to Mark Cuban, the company went from $200K to over $6 million in sales in one year alone. They have now three locations up and running ...

  • The investors from TV’s Shark Tank aren’t going to want to see this. Here are ten ventures turned down on the show, that have become great successes.

8. Luma Elpidio Net Worth & Earnings (2024)

9. Luma Soda Net Worth 2024 - I am Gold Panda

  • As we approach 2024, there is growing interest in the financial status of this innovative company. In this article, we will delve into the net worth of Luma ...

  • Introduction to Luma Soda’s Financial Journey Luma Soda, a brand that has been making waves in the beverage…

10. Luma Soda After Shark Tank - 2024 Update - Gazette Review

  • Jun 13, 2023 · Jim Otteson wanted $500,000 for 20% of his company giving Luma Soda a valuation of $2,500,000. He started his pitch by telling the sharks of the ...

  • Luma Soda was featured on Shark Tank but no shark wanted to invest in it. What is the state of the business now in 2024? Was it a success?

11. Luma Soda Shark Tank Season 10

  • Apr 8, 2019 · That's a lot of sugar and chemically synthesized artificial sweeteners. Luma Soda Shark Tank 3. Jim had come across some studies on the harmful ...

  • Jim Otteson loved his diet colas—often to the tune of a dozen or more cans a day. After all, they were the fuel that kept him at the top of his game as the patent infringement lawyer worked long hours preparing for a trial. He wasn’t unusual. Americans spend approximately $65 billion a year on […]

12. Luma Soda Shark Tank Update - Shark Tank Season 10

  • Highlights. Jim Otteson left his career as a trial attorney to develop Luma Soda, aiming for a healthier alternative to diet sodas.

  • Highlights Jim Otteson left his career as a trial attorney to develop Luma Soda, aiming for a healthier alternative to diet sodas. He invested a stagger

13. Return Home Net Worth 2024 Update & Their Shark Tank Pitch!

  • They had raised $5 million, with a last valuation of $20.6 million in 2022, but they presented a $40 million valuation to the sharks, which surprised and ...

  • Discover the Shark Tank Return Home Net Worth in 2024 and their pitch summary on Shark Tank. Explore their journey, founder, and achievements.

14. Luma Soda – Naturally Sweetened and Flavored Soda #DrinkLuma

  • Luma Soda – Naturally Sweetened and Flavored Soda #DrinkLuma ... I've also never heard of Luma, but it sounds like it is worth trying! ... April 2022 · March 2022 ...

  • Food/Drink

15. Luma Soda updated their profile picture. - Facebook

  • Facebook wordmark. Log in. Facebook. No photo description available. 󱣽 · 󱙆 · Luma Soda. Oct 4, 2022 · 󰟠. Luma Soda's Photos. 󰤥. 󰤦. 󰤧. Recent Posts. Luma ...

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

Luma Soda Net Worth 2022 (2024)


Is Luma Soft Drink still in business? ›

However, after filming the episode in mid-2018 at Shark Tank Luma Soda stopped all social media activity and later the LinkedIn page of Otteson showed that he left Luma Soda in January 2019. Considering the dates, it looks like the company stopped functioning before even the episode was released in April 2019.

Was Luma on Shark Tank? ›

At the time of the "Shark Tank" appearance, Luma Soda offered four flavors: cola, cherry cola, blood orange, and lemon-lime. Otteson shared that his company's sales had been done completely online, but he hoped to expand to selling his products in physical stores.

What is a drink called luma? ›

Luma is the reinvention of soda. Sweetened with natural honey and nature-made monk fruit juice, Luma is a delicious, honest-to-goodness soda, with only 25 calories and 3-4 grams of sugar per 12-oz serving.

What is the #1 selling soda? ›

1 is co*ke, which had 19.2% of the soda market in the U.S. by volume last year, making it by far the nation's favorite, according to Beverage Digest's data. At 130 years old, co*ke also is the most consumed soda in the world, with an estimated 1.9 billion servings across 200 countries, according to Brand Finance.

What is the richest soda in the world? ›

World's top 15 soft drinks brands
  • Coca-Cola – $70bn.
  • Diet co*ke (including Light, Zero) – $13.8bn.
  • Red Bull – $11.4bn.
  • Pepsi – $10.8bn.
  • Nescafé – $6.3bn.
  • Tropicana – $6bn.
  • Fanta – $6bn.
  • Sprite – $5.3bn.
Jun 18, 2015

Where is Luma headquartered? ›

Luma Home
Company typeSubsidiary
FoundersPaul Judge Mike Van Bruinisse
HeadquartersAtlanta, Georgia , U.S.
4 more rows

What soft drink was just discontinued? ›


It was a hugely influential brand that laid the groundwork for the entire diet soda industry. Unfortunately for Tab fans, it was overshadowed by co*ke's own successor brands - Diet co*ke and co*ke Zero - and was discontinued in 2020 leaving countless Tab fans pining for the good old days.

Does Luma soda have caffeine? ›

In fact, Luma Soda beverages had zero sugar — their sweet taste was from a mixture of monk fruit sweetener and honey — and were also without artificial colors, were caffeine-free, and contained no aspartame, which could be bad for your health.

What is the 1st most successful Shark Tank product? ›

What are the most successful 'Shark Tank' products?
  1. Bombas. Bombas, a sock company that now also makes bras and t-shirts, came to the minds of co-founders David Heath and Randy Goldberg when they learned that the number-one most-requested clothing item in homeless shelters was socks. ...
  2. Scrub Daddy. ...
  3. Squatty Potty.
Jan 16, 2024

Who is the girl that turned down 30 million on Shark Tank? ›

Hanalei Swan, an 11-year-old prodigy, is one such remarkable individual who made headlines by turning down a staggering $30,000,000 investment offer on the hit TV show, Shark Tank. Hanalei's journey and her audacious decision to walk away from such a lucrative deal serve as an enduring source of inspiration.

What is the most successful product on Shark Tank that was turned down? ›

Ring. One of the most notorious (and successful) Shark Tank rejects started as a video doorbell name Doorbot. After a famously tepid reaction from the sharks, Amazon later bought the company for a deal worth nearly $1 billion. By early 2018, the company introduced a smart home doorbell dubbed Ring.

Who made Luma soda? ›

Jim Otteson, the creator of Luma Soda, appeared in Season 10 of “Shark Tank” with a beverage that didn't contain sugar, chemical additives, artificial colors, carbohydrates, or preservatives.

What is the drink called Kahlua? ›

Kahlúa (Spanish: [kaˈlu. a]) is a brand of coffee liqueur owned by the Pernod Ricard company and produced in Veracruz, Mexico. The drink contains rum, sugar, and arabica coffee.

What are the Mexican drinks called? ›

Top 11 Drinks to Try in Mexico
  • Tequila. Of all the popular shots in Mexico, tequila is the most famous, and it's found behind bars all over the world. ...
  • Mezcal. Mezcal is tequila's smoky cousin. ...
  • Raicilla. ...
  • Margarita. ...
  • Paloma. ...
  • Carajillo. ...
  • Craft Beers. ...
  • Michelada.

What soda brand makes the most money? ›

Largest Soda Companies Research Summary

The largest soda company in the world is PepsiCo, with a revenue of $86.392 billion and a global market share of 10%. As of 2022, the global soda industry has a market size of $434.50 billion. Over 180 billion aluminium cans filled with soda are sold worldwide each year.

What happened to Alice's table after Shark Tank? ›

In 2020, collaborating with 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc., we pivoted our lifestyle business to fully digital and highly curated experiences to spark joy in people's homes and businesses. We expanded from floral events to include culinary offerings with Harry & David.

Was Cherry co*ke successful? ›

As Cherry co*ke began to appear on store shelves around the world, it soon became clear that the irresistible combination of sweet cherries and classic cola had universal appeal. The global success of Cherry co*ke is a testament to the power of innovation, adaptability, and the enduring allure of an iconic brand.

What happened to spare after Shark Tank? ›

Even without the investment from Cuban, Spare remains in business and sported an annual revenue figure of $4 million in late 2022.

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