WHAT THE TECH? Reelgood app shows movie availability on your streaming services (2024)

Few things help put people in the Christmas spirit more than sitting down to watch a Christmas movie.

If you have multiple streaming services there’s no shortage of movies and TV shows to watch. A quick count found over 200 Christmas or holiday movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney, AppleTV+, Paramount, and the free services Pluto, Tubi, and Freevee.

The challenge is knowing where to find one.

How many Christmas movies are available on the streaming service? I stopped counting at 250. There is absolutely no shortage of funny, romantic, scary, fantasy, or dramas. The challenge is finding one you want to watch. If you have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and all the others, you’ll spend half the night scrolling one service, then the other, and the other.

This app, Reelgood, lets you see what’s available on those services all in one place.

It’s as simple as selecting the services you subscribe to or can watch free on Tubi, Pluto, Freevee, and others.

Reelgood then shows you what’s playing that you can watch and there’s a Christmas movie section.

So here are the movies available on your services. Yep, you’ll see some stinkers listed but Reelgood does a really good job of sorting and filtering the titles.

You can search by the average customer rating on IMDB and the release year. We want to find Christmas movies with at least a 7.5 rating that were released in 1980 through today. There’s “Home Alone” showing on Disney, “Love Actually” on Netflix, and “A Christmas Story” on Max.

And here’s where Reelgood shines: it found a documentary about the song Silent Night, released in 2018, playing on the free service Tubi. I’d never have found that movie without the app.

You can play the title on your device and use the app as a remote to play it on a connected TV.

Reelgood is a free app for iPhone and Android devices. It takes some of the frustration and time lost, in trying to find just what you’re looking for.

WHAT THE TECH? Reelgood app shows movie availability on your streaming services (2024)


What does the Reelgood app do? ›

Reelgood is a streaming guide that combines over 150 services and all of the content that's available on them into a single app. It aims to solve the problem of digging through every TV app on your device in order to find that one show you want to watch.

How can I watch Reelgood? ›

You can access Reelgood online via its website, and it now has apps for both Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones as well as for Apple TV (tvOS), Android and Fire TVs, plus LG smart TVs. There's no Roku app yet, but you can use the Reelgood mobile app on your phone to control a Roku TV or streaming player.

Is there an app that tells you what is on each streaming service? ›

Love Just Watch. The app makes its very easy to see what's available across all the services you have access to. Makes it super easy to browse, although you might be overwhelmed by the selection, you at least know all that's available to you.

How much is Reelgood streaming? ›

You can play the title on your device and use the app as a remote to play it on a connected TV. Reelgood is a free app for iPhone and Android devices.

What is the meaning of Reelgood? ›

Reelgood is a streaming service that allows you to choose from over 140 different streaming providers to find all of the series and movies you can watch in one spot.

How good is Reelgood? ›

It is a good app as far as it goes, but cannot incorporate all the streaming services in a search. This works great at keeping track of the shows we watch on network tv and streaming services. Let's you know when programs you want to watch have released new episodes.

What is the best streaming app? ›

The best streaming service overall
  • Peaco*ck. ...
  • Sling TV. ...
  • Hulu. ...
  • Netflix. ...
  • Disney Plus. The best streaming service for families. ...
  • Apple TV Plus. The best high-quality original content. ...
  • Fubo. The best streaming service for sports afficionados. ...
  • Prime Video. The best streaming service you're already paying for.
7 days ago

Is there a way to get streaming services for free? ›

The first consideration should be whether you want to be able to watch live channels. If that's the case, you may want to use Pluto TV, Sling Free, Xumo, Peaco*ck or the Roku Channel. If you only care about finding movies and TV shows on-demand, then try Freevee, Peaco*ck, Crackle, Tubi or Vudu.

How do you get streaming on your TV? ›

Connect a chosen streaming device to your TV, like a streaming media player or streaming stick. Then, connect the device to the internet and install the streaming service's app. From there, you'll sign into your account (which you can set up online) and stream your favorite content right away!

Which streaming service has everything? ›

Given its diverse streaming options, Hulu is one of the best all-in-one options for cord-cutters. In addition to an extensive library of classic shows and a strong movie selection, Hulu offers a robust live TV option (more than 70 channels of news, sports, and entertainment programming).

Which app is best for watching movies for free? ›

Crackle, available for iPhone, iPad, and Android, is one of the best free apps for movies. Like most of these apps, there aren't any new blockbusters available. However, Crackle shines in genres like documentaries and classics. Other categories include drama, comedy, and anime.

What is my streaming device? ›

A streaming device, is a piece of equipment that takes the streaming content from the Internet and plays it on your regular TV. Some of the popular streaming devices are Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. Some gaming consoles can be used to stream content to your regular TV.

How does Reelgood work? ›

Here's how it works. Reelgood allows users to aggregate their streaming services in one place. Its offerings include Amazon Prime, FX, HBO, Hulu, Netflix, Showtime and Starz. One feature is the ability to track episodes and Reelgood will tell the user when the next new episode is available to stream.

Who is the owner of Reelgood? ›

David Sanderson - Reelgood Inc. LinkedIn.

What is the alternative to reelgood? ›

The best alternatives to Reelgood are StayIn, Letterboxd, and Voteflix. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 20 alternatives below. What do you think of Reelgood? PREM AI — Focus on your Product - We handle the AI complexities.

Is the real good app free? ›

It's Real Good TV is free to watch online or download the app to your favorite streaming device.

Do you always have to pay for streaming? ›

But you can still slim your streaming budget by choosing from the dozens of free services that let you stream movies and TV shows in exchange for watching ads. You can access these services through most streaming devices and smart TVs, as well as laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

What is Reelgood score? ›

To calculate our popularity score, we analyze a range of user interactions with content from the 150+ streaming services supported by Reelgood. Our analysis includes key indicators such as user interest as indicated by content playback, tracking, and search behavior, among others.

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